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ICE Roofing is more than just a commercial roofing company, we do residential jobs as well. Our residential department is staffed with highly experienced employees who know all aspects that come into play when dealing with a residential re-roof. Ranging from simple remove and replace shingle jobs, rib panel metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs, and even top tier Worthouse metal shingle roofs; which can have up to 200 MPH wind ratings. Whatever your roof requires ICE Roofing has the know how and materials to keep your home covered in the worst of conditions.

We provide prompt responses to customer inquiries and utilize highly knowledgeable roofing specialists to perform free roof inspections and estimates. Estimates are competitively priced and highly detailed, to give the customer all the information needed to understand the cost of their roof repairs.

Once the estimates are approved, the customer can come in and sign the necessary paperwork to get the ball rolling on the material order and scheduling of the roofing job. Most roofs are finished within 3 days. More complex roofs or weather delays may impact completion time.

After job completion the roof is warrantied for 2 years via ICE Roofing’s limited warranty. Each homeowner will be given a copy of mentioned warranty upon successful completion of roofing work and settlement of all outstanding balances for roofing work performed.

Beach Residential Re-Roof

Parker Residential Re-Roof

Panama City Beach Residential Re-roof

Worthhouse residential re-roof

Springfield residential re-roof

Panama City re-roof from the aspect of the roofer!

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